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  1. All I Ever Wanted Robert Gee 4:03
  2. All This Love (Is For You) Robert Gee 3:51
  3. Step'n Out Tonite Robert Gee 3:40
  4. A Love Of My Own Robert Gee 4:32
  5. I've Given You My Best Robert Gee 4:01
  6. Lets start All Over (feat. Kae Fields) Robert Gee 4:14
  7. All I Ever Wanted (Quibonix Remix) Robert Gee 3:34

VEVO – Official Music Video

All I Ever Wanted

“Soul Music is what I do…naturally…It’s who I am at my musical core. It may take on various forms like a classic ballad, neo soul, club bangers, soulful house music or EDM…no matter where I land…there’s going to be a soulful vibe!” RG


I really enjoyed my summer in the UK..! Writing new music is going great! First single down…these London vibes and infuse my Philly soul… is gonna be a goodie! Stay tuned family. RG

It’s Fall y’all…there’s a chill in the air…winds of change rustle the leaves…move the chimes…and I’ve got love on my mind…How does Fall make you feel? RG

“One of the things I loved about growing up in Philly was the music on the radio and the fact that all the major acts hit Philly…So when I saved up my allowance, I went to concerts to see the best of the best, at there best! That was music education too! 

But my formal training was classical voice and that carried over into Musical Theater. The theater really grew me as a young, developing artist…Those basic classical disciplines like vocal exercises and breath control have carried me up to this very day…and for that, I am grateful!”  I’ve got some cool footage from the musical Blues In The Night above. Check it out! RG

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BahiyaNashati (Rhonda VanNess) BahiyaNashati (Rhonda VanNess) from Albany, NY wrote on December 6, 2020 at 8:00 am
Great music and a great SOUL. Thank you for your contribution to the music industry. ♥️
Admin Reply by: Robert Gee
Thank you Queen Bahiya...You give me reasons to keep on keepin on!
Eddie Robinson Eddie Robinson from Houston TX/Los Angeles wrote on December 6, 2020 at 7:54 am
Hello Robert Great job and website!
Admin Reply by: Robert Gee
Thank you Ed...I appreciate you and the Black Music Association for your great work and for honoring me!
Garrett W Garrett W from Orlando wrote on December 3, 2020 at 9:23 am
Ordered a Robert Gee T shirt. Came early and the material is great! Love the big logo in the front too! Perfect fit, and will be rocking this everywhere! ❤️
Admin Reply by: Robert Gee
Thanks for the support fam...Please rock the hell outta that jawn! lol
David Brokeboy Solonon David Brokeboy Solonon from Boston wrote on December 2, 2020 at 9:27 pm
Love the page and forever and always you have a supporter in me
Admin Reply by: Robert Gee
Thanks D, you're a real one so I know you mean it!
Robert Gee Robert Gee from Philly... wrote on November 28, 2020 at 1:46 pm
I am trying out a new more "user friendly" guest book this weekend everybody...So tap in and let me know if your feelin it! Have a great weekend! Bliss Up, Robert Gee

On Soul Music – “A UK critic once said “I Love when Robert Gee channels his inner Donny Hathaway..!” There is really no greater compliment you can give a soul singer than that! RG

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I have had so many magical encounters in my life in show biz…Like the clip above with the incomparable Maysa Leak! Many will know her as the voice of the group INCOGNITO! Maysa is an amazing solo artist as well and one night at the CATALINA on Sunset in LA…This happened… (See Video Clip Above)

Supporting Indie Artist is supporting a small business and I thank you!

Robert Gee


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